Anxiety Case

W. H. writes:
“I quit smoking in 1987 at the age of 47, shortly afterwards I became a grouch in any definition of the word.  My temper nearly got me fired from a very good job, and I went to many anger management classes mostly to show I was trying to help myself.  After about two years a doctor diagnosed my hypertension and I started on medicine for my blood pressure.  The stress and bursts of anger greatly tapered off almost immediately once my blood pressure got lowered.  But, there were still serious incidents along with some increasing anxiety and depression. Another doctor had me on an anti-depression medication that almost turned me into a vegetable.  Then we moved to Phoenix and bought a new house.  The man we hired to install our window shades told me about various vitamins. I started vitamins and the last of my symptoms disappeared in just a few days. It didn’t take very long for me to realize that niacin (B-3) was starting to stand out so I concentrated more one it.  Sure enough after quite a few months of experimentation and charting the various brands of multi-vitamins it proved out that the niacin was doing me the greatest good.”