” A seven year long Johns Hopkins medical school study of 281 HIV positive men showed that those taking vitamins had only about one half as many new AIDS outbreaks as those not taking supplements. Imagine: a 50 percent reduction in AIDS cases just from vitamins! The real wonder is that the dosages used were so small: only 715 milligrams of vitamin C a day, and about 5 times the US RDA of the B-vitamins and beta carotene. Larger amounts would almost certainly save still more lives (Neil Graham, M.D. in American Journal of Epidemiology, December, 1993)”

(From Saul AW. Fire Your Doctor!, Laguna Beach, Basic Health Pub, 2005, p 88-89.)

Robert Cathcart, M.D. in California treated AIDS patients with up to 200,000 milligrams (mg) of vitamin C a day. He found that even advanced AIDS patients lived significantly longer and had far fewer symptoms.  (Cathcart RF. Vitamin C in the treatment of acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS). Medical Hypotheses, 14(4):423-433, Aug 1984. ) Posted at